Welcome to the Health Care & Benefits Division

The Health Care & Benefits Division (HCBD) is a division within the Department of Administration.  HCBD manages the State of Montana Benefit Plan (State Plan) which provides benefits (ie. medical, prescription, dental, vision, life) for State of Montana Employees, Retirees, Legislators, and Survivors.

HCBD also manages the Workers Compensation Management Bureau (WCMB) for the State of Montana. The Workers' Compensation Management Bureau works closely with you and your agency to help prevent injuries at work in the first place and to return injured workers to work as quickly as medically possible when injuries do happen. 

The HCBD home page has been designed to provide easy access to our most recent communications.  Plan Members should pay close attention to communications sent from HCBD, as it contains important information about plan benefits, enrollment deadlines, etc.

Governor Bullock Launches ‘Parenting Montana’ Prevention Resources for Parents

MONTANA – Governor Steve Bullock launched a new comprehensive set of resources to better equip anyone in a parenting role, youth, prevention specialists, counselors, and others with easy-to-use tools to support the success of Montana’s children from kindergarten through the teen years. The specific goal is to cultivate a positive, healthy culture among Montana parents with an emphasis on curbing underage drinking, and to provide tools and resources to address every day parenting challenges. The ParentingMontana.org website is now available.


Real-IDYour current unexpired license or ID will continue to allow you to fly domestically or access a federal facility until October 2020.

Refer to the website for more information, www.mtrealid.gov.


Diaz v. State of Montana

In accordance with notice filed May 1, 2019 for Diaz v. State of Montana, the notice is available for current and former employees enrolled in the State Plan between January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2016 and may be downloaded. Click here to access the notice and claim form.