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drawing of a mother breastfeeding her babyLactation support and counseling is covered after the birth of the child while at the hospital or as part of the office visits that occur after the child's birth.

Breast pumps and other breastfeeding supplies can be claimed under flexible spending accounts as medical expenses.

Employees of the State of Montana who are breastfeeding have the right to a private, comfortable location for breastfeeding or pumping at work, flexible breaks to accommodate breastfeeding needs, and a supportive working environment,

State Breastfeeding Rooms at the Capitol Complex: rooms are available for department staff and visitors.

  • Mitchell building: visit the State Human Resources office, Room 102, for the key.
  • Cogswell building: room B-223, call (406) 444-4542.
  • Sanders Building, call (406) 444-4542.

Breastfeeding in the workplace decreases health care costs and sick days; breastfeeding increases productivity, loyalty and morale. Breastfeeding mothers and babies are less likely to suffer for a variety of negative health conditions. Help us support breastfeeding mothers.

Breastfeeding Resources

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