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The Live Life Well Program has partnered with the Arthritis Foundation’s Arthritis@Work program!  On average, one in four State of Montana employees or retirees lives with arthritis. The pain they experience can be debilitating and make everyday tasks difficult if not impossible to do — both at home and at work.  We consistently hear from our plan members with arthritis that they need greater understanding and support from their employers to be successful.

Arthritis@Work is your solution, and we commend you for taking steps to find the resources you need to live healthfully with arthritis.  Check out our Arthritis at work page to find the following and more!

  • 45 ways to tame pain
  • Connect with those who understand the pain
  • Take a pain survey for recommendations specifically for you
  • More!!

Click here to check out Arthritis@Work


Walk With Ease

If you have arthritis or are a beginning exerciser, you may be interested in the Walk With Ease Program!  This program is FREE to State of Montana Benefit Plan members.

Walk With Ease

A new 6-week session starts the first Monday of every month. 


Online - self-paced


Walk with Ease is for anyone who is looking to start or maintain a low impact exercise program. The Walk with Ease is a 6-week, independent walking program. You get to pick when, where, and how long you would like to walk for. Each week you will receive a weekly, encouraging e-mail to help you get started and keep yourself motived to walk. During the 6-weeks, you will keep track and report your weekly walking minutes.


“This is a terrific program. It helped both my husband and I to be more active. We always felt much better after we walked”—past Walk with Ease participant. 


Click to learn more and register for the Walk with Ease Program.

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