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Medical Plan

Allegiance Benefit Plan Management (Allegiance) is the State Plan's medical plan third party administrator. Allegiance processes medical claims and payments, provides customer service, and sends Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to members showing what has been paid to medical providers and what the member's portion of the cost is. The State Plan uses Allegiance's network of Montana providers and Cigna's large nationwide network for providers outside Montana. Using in-network providers is the best way to control how much you have to pay out-of-pocket for health care.


Medical Plan highlights

  • All members covered on the medical plan get one routine vision and eye health evaluation each year for $10 copay at a participating provider.
    • This benefit is administered by Cigna Vision, not Allegiance. (Please note if the provider bills as a medical visit, the $10 copay does not apply and normal medical benefits take effect.)
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Use of all Montana Health Centers at no cost for State Plan members over 2 years old. Not available for Medicare retirees. 
  • No cost annual health screening  provided by Montana Health Centers (operated by Premise Health)


Medical Resources



Phone: (855) 999-1057


Mailing Address: PO Box 3018 Missoula, MT 59806


Mobile App: Allegiance Mobile App


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