Health Care & Benefits Division

Delta Plan Eligibility

  • Employees, Legislators, and Retirees under age 65 on the State Benefit Plan must have dental coverage.
  • Retirees over age 65 and eligible dependents - Dental coverage is an optional benefit.

Dental Plan Details

Deductible for B & C Services and Implants-
  • $50 per member
  • $150 per family
Deductible is waived for Type A services including Diagnostic & Preventive
Examples of Covered Services*
Type A Services
Sealants- children to age 16
Fluoride- children to age 19
Diagnostic & Preventive

Plan pays up to a combined total $1,800 worth of A, B, and C services per member per year.
Member pays 100% after that.

20% Co-insurance on type B Services
50% Co-insurance on type C Services

Type B Services
Endodontics (root canals)
Oral Surgery
Periodontics (gum treatment)
Restorative (all fillings)
Type C Services
Prosthodontics (inlays, onlays, bridges, and dentures)
Implants 50% coinsurance
$1,500 Lifetime Limit. Member Pays 100% after that.

Dental Resources

(866) 496-2370 stateofmontana

Delta Dental is the company that the State of Montana contracts with to provide our dental benefits.

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