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My Health Navigator (formerly Hometown MTm)

Does asthma impact you or someone you love covered under the State Plan? With the necessary self-management and training, asthma can be controlled so that it doesn’t interfere with normal daily activities, including exercise.  

My Health Navigator is a revamped State Plan benefit program that replaces Hometown MTm. My Health Navigator, a pharmacist-led service, helps State Plan members identify the safest, most effective & least costly medications, control health issues, and navigate a complicated healthcare system.

My Health Navigator Asthma Care Program provides one-on-one time with knowledgeable pharmacists who help State Plan members minimize medication and supply costs, simplify prescription regimens, control healthcare expenses, and improve overall health.

To be eligible for this program, you must be a member of the State Plan, have asthma or similar diagnosis, and/or use inhaled prescription medication(s). This program is not available for Medicare retirees.

When you enroll in the My Health Navigator Asthma Care Program, you'll receive:
  • A valved holding chamber (a spacer)
  • A peak flow meter, if needed
  • Smoking cessation information & education
  • Appointments with a Certified Asthma Educator 
  • Savings on most asthma medications 
  • And much more!


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My Health Navigator

My Health Navigator Asthma Care Program

Phone: (406) 780-8018




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Montana Asthma Home Visiting Program


Montana Asthma HOME-VISITING Program 

The Montana Asthma Home-Visiting Program is available to all Montana residents with uncontrolled asthma or a provider's referral.  State Plan members can participate in both the Montana Asthma Home-Visiting Program and the Hometown MTm Asthma program.  The Montana Asthma Home-Visiting Program offers different benefits than the Hometown MTm Asthma program, so the two can work well together. 

When you enroll in the DPHHS Montana Asthma Home-Visiting Program, you'll receive: 

  • Asthma education from a home visiting nurse
  • An in-home environmental assessment to identify possible asthma triggers
  • Free allergen-proof mattress/pillow covers
  • A HEPA air purifier (as needed)

To learn more about and enroll in the Montana Asthma Home-Visiting Program

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