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Back, Joint & Muscle Pain Resources

Back, joint, and muscle pain can be chronic or acute. It can come and go. It can be very painful or hardly painful at all. Whatever your back, joint, or muscle issue, members of the State Plan have multiple no-cost resources to help. In addition to seeing your doctor, you may want to consider the following options.



Hinge Health gives you the tools you need to conquer back and joint pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, and stay healthy and pain free all from the comfort of your home.  Programs are available to State Plan members 18+ years at no cost

Check out this great video to learn more about Hinge Health.

  • A personalized program: get unlimited exercises and stretches developed for you by physical therapists.  
  • Dedicated 1-on-1 support: partner with a care team that includes a qualified health coach and physical therapist.
  • Connect via text, email, phone call, or video chat.
  • Convenient exercise sessions: do your exercise therapy anytime, anywhere, in 15 minutes or less.
  • A second opinion on surgery or treatment plan recommended to you
Sign up today for help with any of the following:
  • Conquer pain or limited movement
  • Recover from a past injury
  • Reduce stiffness in achy joints

Learn more and sign up at, call (855) 902-2777, or email



Arthritis@Work partners with the Arthritis Foundation to offer exclusive tools, resources and support to help you in every aspect of work and life. 

Live Yes! Connect Groups provide supportive social connections and are inclusive to parents/guardians of children or adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases. These virtual or in person groups bring people together for fun social and informative educational events and activities focused on mutual support and positive coping strategies for living well. They offer a place of understanding and encouragement for both people living with arthritis and their loved ones. Group members become self-advocates, develop self-management skills and learn not only how to survive life with arthritis but to also thrive. 

Attend live and pre-recorded webinars on topics ranging from pain management, complementary therapies, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and more. 

Helpline is here to provide support when you need it most. Our licensed, clinical social worker and trained staff — including a Spanish-speaking expert — understand arthritis and are available by phone or web chat 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. MST, Monday to Friday. Available times on holidays may vary. If this is a medical emergency, call 911.

Learn more at call (800) 283-7800.



The Montana Health Centers (operated by Premise Health) offers a team of health professionals including physicians, nurses, and health coaches to address chronic and acute conditions such as joint and back pain.  The Montana Health Center's focus on preventive health care and includes health coaching and primary care visits related to your condition.

The Montana Health Center's offer no-cost access to Health Coaches who are certified professionals in corrective exercise and can assist with stretches, strength training, form and alignment for lifting and moving objects, workplace ergonomics, and core strength.  

Learn more at call (855) 200-6822. Make an appointment



State Plan members have access to a BCBSMT Wellbeing Health Advisor, who offer an individualized assessment of your health needs, expert advice on treatment options, coordination of service, education, and more. It's like having your own personal health nurse who can help you navigate your health care journey. This extra help is at no added cost to you.

Learn more and enroll at bcbsmt.comor call (888) 901-4989.




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