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WW (Weight Watchers ® Re-imagined)

WW's purpose is to inspire healthy habits for real life for people, families, communities, the world, for everyone.  No matter what your goal is - to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a more positive mindset - WW brings you science-based solutions to fit into your life. There is a cost associated with this program, however you may qualify for the  Live Life Well Healthy Weight Incentive which can help with the cost.  

The WW program is offered in several different formats.  Choose the format that works best for you. Workshops in the Workplace, Studio Workshops (Traditional), and WW Digital (Online) are all options.  Click here to visit the WW (Weight Watchers) site.

Live Life Well Healthy Weight Incentive
Click  HERE for the requirements and details of the Live Life Well Healthy Weight Incentive.  

Examples of eligible ways to participate include attending at least two WW wellness workshops (meetings), participating in WW on an ongoing basis, or reaching “lifetime goal weight” and participating in WW in that capacity.  Traditional workshops (meetings), Workshops at Work (At-Work Meetings), and WW Online all work.   

Resources from WW

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