Health Care & Benefits Division

Health Coaching: 3 Options

  1. Premise Montana Health Center health coaches are available to active plan members, Non-Medicare eligible retirees, spouses, and/or domestic partners. The Premise Health Montana Health Center Coaches are available to you any time.  Choose an in-person, telephone or virtual (with video) visit.  
    Montana Health Center health coaches can work with your provider and other coaches to provide seamless care for your health needs.  Take advantage of NO out of pocket cost for access to a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Health Coach.  You can also access a Licensed Counselor and Coordinated Care Manager at the Health Center! Click here to visit the Montana Health Center web site for more information or call (855) 200-6822.
  2. Up to 3 dietary/nutrition or diabetes education sessions from a provider (CDE, registered dietitian, doctor, nurse practitioner, etc.) in your area with no additional out-of-pocket cost from participating providers. This option is available to all plan members, including Medicare-eligible plan members and those who cannot travel to a Montana Health Center. Call Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Montana at (888) 901-4989if you need help finding a Participating Provider.
  3. Any State Plan member can contact the HCBD Wellness Program Manager at (800) 287-8266 for health coaching related to diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes.  The Wellness Program Manager can also assist with questions about which health coaching option will work best for your needs.
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