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Healthy For Life - Self-Study Option

Healthy For Life (HFL) Self-Study is a one year long online program offered by the Health Care & Benefits Division (HCBD). There is no cost associated with this program.

Developed by a registered dietitian, HFL closely mirrors the Diabetes Prevention Program structure. This program is designed to reduce the impact of many chronic diseases connected to body weight and improve quality of life. It is for those who are ready to make the commitment necessary to find their best health outcomes and body size.

Anyone may begin the program at any time. Participants will watch 1-hour recorded webinars once per week for 16 weeks, then once per month for 6 months. After viewing each recorded webinar, participants must fill out the associated survey. This provides proof that the plan is followed according to the required timeline and that webinars have actually been watched. There are associated activities participants are asked to complete between each webinar. The self-study program uses previously recorded webinars along with program materials to offer an on demand, internet-based program. This program is best for those who are highly self-motivated, as it will be up to the member to translate the information given for self-study use. 

Program Requirements

  • Participation in 16 weekly educational webinars and 6 monthly webinars (22 total over one year).
  • Regular, weekly self-monitored physical activity and calorie intake.
  • Setting and meeting personal health goals.
  • Health Coaching Available: Health coaching is not required, but you may call and request to participate in monthly one-on-one telephone consultations with a Registered Dietitian or any of the Montana Health Center health coaches:
  • Print and read the self-study program guidelines and follow the instructions. You will use the resources linked below, so bookmark it!

Program Benefits

Recorded Webinars

These webinars feature feedback from real people and are intended to be used for your personal growth and health improvement. By clicking on the link to view the webinars, you agree to keep any inadvertent reference to real people or events entirely confidential.


Weekly Webinars

  1. Welcome and Program Structure - PLEASE NOTE: We are out of Calorie King books.  Please disregard the offer for one in the presentation. ~ Week 1 Slides ~ Week 1 Survey
  2. Healthy Eating ~ Week 2 Slides ~ Week 2 Survey
  3. Move It! ~ Week 3 Slides ~ Week 3 Survey
  4. What's In There? ~ Week 4 Slides ~ Week 4 Survey
  5. Sleep ~ Week 5 Slides ~ Week 5 Survey
  6. What's Around You? ~ Week 6 Slides ~ Week 6 Survey
  7. You Are Your Own Best Advocate ~ Week 7 Slides ~ Week 7 Survey
  8. Trusting Yourself Part I ~ Week 8 Slides ~ Week 8 Survey
  9. Trusting Yourself Part II ~ Week 9 Slides ~ Week 9 Survey
  10. Active Lifestyles ~ Week 10 Slides ~ Week 10 Survey
  11. Personal Story of Weight Loss ~ Week 11 Slides ~ Week 11 Survey
  12. Home Cooking ~ Week 12 Slides ~ Week 12 Survey
  13. Activity Day: An hour to spend doing physical activity of your choice ~ Week 13 Survey
  14. Healthy for Life ~ Week 14 Slides ~ Week 14 Survey
  15. Taking Control of Stressors ~ Week 15 Slides ~ Week 15 Survey
  16. Staying in the Game ~ Week 16 Slides ~ Week 16 Survey

Monthly Webinars

  1. Energy ~ Month 1 Slides ~ Month 1 Survey
  2. Meals, Recipes and More ~ Month 2 Slides ~ Month 2 Survey
  3. Health at Every Size ~ Month 3 Slides ~ Month 3 Survey
  4. Holiday Strategies (Fall / Winter Session) ~ Month 4 SlidesMonth 4 Survey 
  5. Plateaus - Don't Panic! ~ Month 5 Slides ~ Month 5 Survey
  6. Looking Back and Looking Forward ~ Month 6 Slides ~ Month 6 Survey
  7. Graduation ~ Month 7 Slides ~ Month 7 Survey

*PLEASE NOTE* Healthy For Life is an eligible program to earn the Live Life Well Healthy Weight Incentive.

Program Evaluation

If you would like to provide feedback on your experience with Healthy For Life, the program evaluation is here:

Information given in these presentations is intended to be general in nature and must never be  considered a substitute for advice provided by your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Please use your discretion when considering the information provided by the presenters and talk to your doctor as needed prior to making any changes. Any links to websites or information presented is provided as a convenience and does not necessarily represent the views of the State of Montana, Department of Administration, or the Health Care & Benefits Division. These presentations often feature feedback from real people and are intended to be used for your personal growth and health improvement. By joining these events, you agree to keep any inadvertent reference to real people or events entirely confidential.

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