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Part of earning a Live Life Well Incentive for 2022 is to self-report that you are Nicotine Free or have completed a Nicotine Free eligible alternative between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021.

You must complete a State-sponsored health screening, self-report your nicotine status, and self-report completion of an Eligible Provider Visit to qualify for any Incentive in 2022.

Nicotine Test
Your blood will NOT be tested for nicotine as part of your State-sponsored health screening. Click here for directions to self-report your nicotine status. 

Alternatives Available
If you use nicotine, you can still earn the Live Life Well Incentive if you complete and self-report one of the two eligible alternatives:

  • Complete(d) a nicotine cessation program between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021; OR
  • Have a nicotine education session with your primary care provider between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021.

Nicotine Cessation Programs
Learn more about no-cost nicotine cessation programs available to State Plan members.  Completing a nicotine cessation program is a good option for members who are ready to quit using nicotine.

Nicotine Education Session
A Nicotine Education Session is an appointment with your provider for the purpose of discussing your nicotine use and possible options.  This is a good option for members who may not be ready to quit using nicotine.  To complete this alternative, schedule an appointment with your provider.

More Information
Frequently Asked Questions about the Live Life Well Incentive.

The State Plan offers the incentive program to all plan members and their enrolled spouse/domestic partner.  If you think you may be unable to meet a standard of the incentive program, you may qualify for an alternative program or different means to earn the incentive. You must contact the Health Care & Benefits Division (HCBD) as soon as possible at (800) 287-8266, TTY (406) 444-1421, or email  We will work with you (and if you wish, your doctor) to design a program with the same incentive that is right for you.

We will maintain the privacy of your personally identifiable health information. Medical information that personally identifies you and that is provided through the incentive program will not be used to make decisions regarding your employment. Your health information shall only be disclosed to carry out specific activities related to the incentive program (such as responding to your request for a reasonable accommodation). You will not be asked or required to waive the confidentiality of your health information to participate or to receive an incentive. Anyone who receives your information for purposes of providing you services through the incentive program will abide by the same confidentiality requirements.

We securely maintain all electronically stored medical information we obtain through the incentive program, and will take appropriate precautions to avoid a data breach. If a data breach does occur involving information you provided to us for the incentive program, we will notify you immediately.

A copy of the Plan’s privacy notice is available on the HCBD website or by going to  

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