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The State of Montana offers fully-insured life insurance and long term disability products to eligible employees through the Standard Insurance Company. More information about these products is available by clicking the links to the right. Below are additional resources for newly eligible members. 

Life Insurance Benefit Recordings

  Evidence of Insurability  (EOI):

  • Also known as "evidence of good health" is the process by which The Standard determines if a person is healthy enough to be considered eligible for the amount of insurance coverage they are requesting. 
  • Depending upon when you enroll for coverage, or the amount of coverage you are requesting, you may be required to complete EOI prior to coverage becoming effective. 

Complete EOI online - Standard Insurance Group # 608088
Print EOI form and return to The Standard Insurance Company

Note for those Retiring

  • At retirement, Basic Life will be continued until age 65 or Medicare eligible.
  • If you are retiring and are eligible to port or convert some of your coverage, your rates will change. Click here for more information about porting or converting coverage. 

Life insurance and LTD certificates can be found on the Publications page at

Life & Accident Resources

The Standard Insurance Company Contact List
Continued Benefits (Portability and Conversion) (800) 378-4668
Evidence of Insurability (EOI) (800) 843-7979
Life Claims (800) 628-8600
Long Term Disability Claims (800) 378-2395

Contact  The Standard Insurance Company at (800) 759-8702 for general questions.

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