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Life insurance plans are fully-insured and are provided by The Standard Insurance Company. Plans are term life and provide inexpensive protection, plans do not earn cash value. Employees are eligible until separation from service. At retirement, Basic Life will be continued until age 65 or Medicare eligible if State Plan retiree benefits are elected. 

Basic Life

  • Included when employee enrolled on Medical benefits.
  • $14,000 of term-life coverage

Optional Employee Life

  • Available during initial 31-day enrollment period without EOIup to the employees annual salary. 
  • Enrollment after the initial 31-day enrollment period requires EOI1.
  • Coverage may be elected at anytime with EOI1.
  • Minimum election of annual salary rounded to the next highest $5,000, up to maximum of $500,000 with EOI1.  
  • During annual Open Enrollment, employees with existing Optional Employee Life coverage may elect an increase of $5,000 or $10,000 without EOI1 each year up to the maximum of $500,000.  

Optional Spouse Life

  • Available during initial 31-day enrollment period up to $10,000 wiothout EOI1.
  • Employee must be enrolled in Optional Employee Life for the spouse to be eligible.  
  • Spouse’s rate is based on the employee’s age, not the spouse’s age.  
  • Coverage is for a minimum of $5,000. 
  • Additional amounts are available in $5,000 increments, not to exceed the amount of Optional Employee Life coverage in place. 
  • Coverage may be elected at anytime with EOI1.
  • During the annual Open Enrollment Period, employees can elect Spouse Supplemental Life for the first time in increments of $5,000 up to $10,000 without EOI1. Additionally, if employee currently only have $5,000 in coverage, employee can elect an additional $5,000 for a coverage amount of $10,000 without EOI1

Dependent Life

  • Available during initial 31-day enrollment period, or within the first 60 days of marrying or 91 days of having your first child.
  • $2,000 of coverage for a spouse
  • $1,000 of coverage per dependent child

Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Available during 31-day initial enrollment period. If coverage is not elected during 31-day enrollment period, it may be elected at any time.
  • Employee Only:  $25,000-$500,000 in increments of $25,000 up to 10 times your annual salary rounded down to the next $25,000.  
  • Employee and Dependents: A spouse with no children is eligible for 50% of the employee coverage.  A spouse with children is eligible for 40% of the employee coverage. Children are eligible for 10% of the employee coverage.   

1Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is also known as "evidence of good health" is the process by which the Standard determines if a person is healthy enough to be considered eligible for the amount of insurance coverage they are requesting.

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