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The State Employee Group Benefit Advisory Council (SEGBAC) was created under MCA 2-15-122 to provide Department of Administration (DOA) with a body of state employees and retirees to provide advice on health plan matters.  The council must include one retired state employee and specific labor organization representation.

The role of SEGBAC is to provide advice on State Employee Group Plan matters and to meet quarterly, as presented in MCA 2-18-810.

SEGBAC welcomes input from employees, retirees, and other interested citizens.

If you would like to address the Council, contact Health Care and Benefits Division via e-mail at benefitsquestions@mt.gov; call us at (800) 287-8266, (406) 444-7462, or TTY (406) 444-1421; or send us a letter at:

Health Care & Benefits Division
PO Box 200130
Helena, MT 59620-0130.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • August 27, 2019
  • November 19, 2019

The meetings will be held at the Colonial Building in the Wilderness Room.  The Colonial Building is located at 2401 Colonial Drive in Helena.  The meetings are scheduled from 8:30 – 12:00.

Health Care and Benefits Division will make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who wish to participate in public meetings. If you need an accommodation, contact our office, PO Box 200130; Helena, MT 59620; (406) 444-2044 or TTY (406) 444-1421, e-mail benefitsquestions@mt.gov, or fax (406) 444-0080 a week prior to the meeting date to describe the nature of the modification that you need.

Current SEGBAC Members:


SEGBAC Council

Director:     John Lewis, Department of Administration    

Chairman:  Duane Preshinger, Health Care and Benefits Division

     Member:    Sheila Hogan, Department of Public Health and Human Services     

     Member:    Diane Fladmo, MEA-MFT

     Member:    Susan Byorth Fox, Legislative Services Division

     Member:    Cheryl Grey, Department of Administration

     Member:   Mandi Hinman, Public Service Commission

     Member:    Jim Keane, Legislature

     Member:    Jim Lewis, State of Montana Retirees

     Member:    Peggy MacEwen, Department of Environmental Quality

     Member:   Samantha Chase, Department of Labor and Industry

     Member:    Quint Nyman, Montana Public Employees Association

     Member:    Derek Shepherd, Judiciary Branch

     Member:    Amy Sassano, Office of Budget and Program Planning

     Member:   Penny Fassett, Department of Commerce

Click here for details and contact information for SEGBAC members.