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Health Coaching: 5 Options

Active plan members, Non-Medicare eligible retirees, spouses, and/or domestic partners in Montana Health Center areas (who can travel to a health center):

  1. A Montana Health Center health coach in-person, over the telephone or via e-mail. Montana health center health coaches can work with your provider and other coaches to provide seamless care for your health needs. 
  • registered dietitian,
  • exercise physiologist,  
  • behavioral health counselor
  • wellness nurse.

Click here for more information or call (855) 200-6822.

All plan members including Medicare-eligible plan members and those who cannot travel to a health center have the following options:

  1. Digital health coaching through the MyActiveHealth Internet portal.  Log in at www.myactivehealth.com/som, click on “Dashboard,” then “Digital Coaching.” 
  2. Up to 3 dietary/nutrition or diabetes education sessions from a provider (CDE, registered dietitian, doctor, nurse practitioner, etc.) in your area with no additional out-of-pocket cost from participating providers. Call Allegiance at (855) 999-1057 if you need help finding a Participating Provider.
  3. Medicare eligible Retirees and non-Medicare eligible Retirees, spouses, and domestic partners outside Montana Health Center areas can contact HCBD at (800) 287-8266 for health coaching related to diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes.  Those with chronic conditions (as listed below) should contact Allegiance Nurse Health Coaching (#5, below) or find a participating provider in their area (#3, above).

All State Plan members with asthma, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic pain, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol have the following option:

  1. Allegiance Nurse Health Coaching Program - health coaching over the telephone with Registered Nurse health coaches

You may receive an outreach call from Allegiance Nurse Health Coaching, or you can call (866) 458-0474 to begin.