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Designate your life insurance beneficiaries online through the SABHRS Self-Service application! It is important that you follow the steps below to ensure your life beneficiary designations are up to date. If you have not already designated your life Insurance beneficiary online, your beneficiaries are kept on a paper file with your payroll or Human Resource office.

Part 1: Adding Beneficiary Options

To Access from a State computer
1.  Log in to mine.mt.gov
2.  Click on "Employee Self Service"
3.  Click on "Benefits"
4.  Click on "Life Beneficiary Designation"

Part 2: Making Your Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

1.  Click the magnifying glass to start!
2.  Chose a name from the list to designate.  (If the person you want to designate does not appear, click “Cancel” and then click “Add a Beneficiary Option”)
3. Select if you want the person to be a “Primary” or "Contingent" from the dropdown box.
     -You are not required to chose contingents.
4. Type the percent of life insurance you want that person to receive. 
     -The percent total for Primary and Contingent (if you add a contingent) beneficiaries must equal 100.
5. Click “+” to add a beneficiary.  Click “-” to remove a beneficiary.
6. Click Update to see the percent totals for Primary and Contingent beneficiaries.
7. Read the terms and check the box next to “I Agree.”
8. Click “Save” to make your designations official.

To Access from Home

1.  Go to the State Employee Access page at www.mt.gov/Employee
2.  Click MINE Employee Self Service Portal