Mail Order Pharmacies

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Mail order service offers an easy way for you to get a 90-day supply of your long-term or maintenance medications. The State Plan has access to three mail order service vendors under the Navitus prescription drug program. 

Navitus Health Solutions partners with the following mail order vendors: 

  • Costco Pharmacy
  • miRx Pharmacy
  • Ridgeway Pharmacy 

To begin using mail order services, see the below contact information for each vendor.

Costco Pharmacy
You do NOT need to be a Costco member to use Costco mail order.
Mail:  802 134th St. SW, Suite 140, Everett, WA 98204-9935
Phone: 800-607-6861
Fax: 800-633-0334
Hours: Monday-Friday, 6am-8pm (MST) and Saturday, 10:30am-3pm (MST)


miRx Pharmacy
Mail: 993 S. 24th St. West, Suite A, Billings, MT  59102
Phone: 866-894-1496 or 406-869-66551
Fax: 406-869-6552
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm (MST) and Friday, 9am-3pm (MST)

Mail: 2824 US Hwy 93 N, Victor, MT 59875
Phone: 800-630-3214
Fax: 406-642-6050
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm (MST), and Friday, 9am-3pm (MST)