Asthma Program

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Does asthma impact you or someone you love covered under the State Plan? With the necessary self-management and training, asthma can be controlled so that it doesn’t interfere with normal daily activities, including exercise.  These asthma services are available at no cost to State of Montana members

The State of Montana in partnership with The University of Montana is excited to offer the services of pharmacists, who are Certified Asthma Educators, to its members. 

Program Benefits

  • One-on-one training regarding their asthma medications, 
  • Hands-on instruction on proper inhaler use, 
  • Review of environmental triggers, 
  • Lung function testing, 
  • Tools that can help control asthma, including spacers, peak flow meters, and an asthma action plan. 
  • Depending on needs, participants may qualify for reduced co-payments on certain medications that help control asthma.  

Asthma Program Covered Medications

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