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For questions about how to use the MyActiveHealth or Virgin Pulse web site, call MyActiveHealth at (855) 2061302. 

This is an 8-week physical activity challenge that will run from April 30-June 24. The challenge is for people of ALL fitness levels and incorporates all types of activity. Participants in the 8-week challenge will keep track of their daily steps and challenge themselves to do even better!  You can use any tracking method that works for you - step counting devices or apps or just self-reporting your minutes of activity. The Challenge is open to ALL members of the State of Montana health plan.

It’s FREE—There is no cost to participate! Everyone who joins gets a participant gift!
It’s EASY— The step entry system will be online and accessible from anywhere, anytime.
It’s FUN—We’ve got more prizes, activities, and assistance than ever!
It's REWARDING—Completion of the Challenge (tracking steps at least once a week for all 8 weeks) is a Next Step eligible activity!

  • A chance to win super cool prizes!
  • Weekly challenges and recipes
  • One on one coaching
  • Opportunities to get to know your fellow participants

Retiree Tracking Form: PDF format
Retiree Tracking Form: Excel spreadsheet format
Retiree Tracking Form: Word format

Please note that for LiveLifeWell Incentive purposes, you must also self-report completion of the Challenge.  


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