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Make sure your doctor and your LAB are in network!
Cigna Vision Service Program (VSP) is the vision network for both routine eye exams and hardware. 

How to use your Cigna Vision benefits

1. Finding a doctor

There are three ways to find a quality eye doctor in your area:

1. Log in to, go to your Cigna Vision coverage page and select “View Details.” Then select “Find a Cigna Vision Network Eye Care Professional” to search the Cigna Vision Directory.

2. Don’t have access to Go to and click on the orange Find a Doctor tab at the top. Then select “Vision Directory”, for routine eye exams and eyewear services, from the Other Directories listed below.

3. Prefer the phone? Call 1-877-478-7557 and talk with a Cigna Vision customer service representative.

2. Schedule an appointment

Identify yourself as a Cigna Vision customer when scheduling an appointment. Present your Cigna or Cigna Vision ID card at the time of your appointment, which will quickly assist the doctor’s office with accessing your plan details and verifying your eligibility.



3. Out-of-network plan reimbursement

Send a completed Cigna Vision claim form and itemized receipt to: Cigna Vision, Claims Department: PO Box 385018, Birmingham, AL 35238-5018.

To get a Cigna Vision claim form:

• Go to and go to Forms, Vision Forms

• Go to and go to your vision coverage page

Cigna Vision will pay for covered expenses within ten business days of receiving the completed claim form and itemized receipt.

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