Health Care & Benefits Division

Termination Instructions
If you decide to terminate your State of Montana Health Plan:

  • A newly retiring employee MUST notify HCBD within 60 days of retiring.  
  • Existing retired members who decide to terminate their State of Montana Plan coverage must let HCBD know by  December 31 of the current plan year.  

Notify HCBD of your decision to terminate your coverage by:

  • Marking the “Option to Terminate Benefits” box on your benefit statement (mailed mid-September) or confirmation statement (mailed mid-November) and  returning it (postmarked) to Health Care and Benefits Division P.O. Box 200130 Helena, MT 59620-0130 by December 31 of the current plan year.  


  • Fill out and return (postmarked) the Retiree Termination Form to HCBD by December 31 of the current plan year.  This form can be found at the above link or by calling HCBD at 1-800-287-8266.


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