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2021 State Employee Monthly Contribution Cost

Active State Employees and Retirees will pay the same per month for benefits in 2021 as in 2020.

The Health Care & Benefits Division works with an independent actuary to set the rates every year. Remember, the State of Montana Benefit Plan is self-funded. In order to make sure there is always enough money available to cover State Plan costs, we project claims expenses, administrative fees, and other plan costs for the coming plan year, and determine the amount of contributions needed to cover these estimated costs and maintain an adequate reserve.  Since the State Plan is self-funded, the third party administrators, like Allegiance and Navitus, bear no financial risk related to claims expense.  Therefore, the State is able set the rates, knowing the historical plan costs. Below are the 2021 State Plan Rates.  

 Plans Core Benefits
(Includes Medical/Pharmacy,
Employee Only Dental, and Basic Life Insurance) 


 Vision Hardware  Potential
Live Life Well Incentive
Employee Only $30 - +$7.64 up to $30 off
Employee & Spouse $250 +$21.40 +$14.42 up to $60 off
Employee & Child(ren) $101 +$19.90  +$15.18  up to $30 off
Employee & Family $327   +$28.90 +$22.26 up to $60 off
Joint Core   $30 per employee (includes Family Dental) -

(Joint Core Primary
Member Only)

up to $30 off

Other 2021 Employee Benefit Costs


2021 Non-Medicare (Under 65) Retiree Medical Plan Rates 


Monthly Rate

Live Life Well Incentive

Non-Medicare Retiree Only

$1,256 up to $30 off

Non-Medicare Retiree & Non-Medicare Spouse

$1,944 up to $60 off
Non-Medicare Retiree & Medicare Spouse $1,465 up to $60 off

Non-Medicare Retiree & Children

$1,572 up to $30 off

Non-Medicare Retiree, Non-Medicare Spouse & Child(ren)

$2,172 up to $60 off

Non-Medicare Retiree, Medicare Spouse & Child(ren)

$1,805 up to $60 off

2021 Medicare (Over 65) Retiree Medical Plan Rates 


Monthly Rate   

Live Life Well Incentive 

Medicare Retiree Only

$457 up to $30 off

Medicare Retiree & Non-Medicare Spouse

$1,159 up to $60 off
Medicare Retiree & Medicare Spouse $797 up to $60 off

Medicare Retiree & Children

$748 up to $30 off

Medicare Retiree, Non-Medicare Spouse, and Child(ren)

$1,396 up to $60 off

Medicare Retiree, Medicare Spouse & Child(ren)

$933 up to $60 off

2021 Retiree Dental Rates

Retiree Only


Retiree & Spouse


Retiree & Children


Retiree & Family


2021 Retiree Vision Hardware Rates

If you elect Vision Hardware coverage, it will be for everyone who's covered on your medical plan.

  Monthly Cost
Member Only $7.64
Member & Spouse $14.42
Member & Children $15.18
Member & Family $22.26