Health Care & Benefits Division

The State of Montana Benefit Plan (State Plan) and Navitus Health Solutions are committed to supporting the health of our members. This includes assisting members who have complex medical conditions and need to take specialty medications. Our specialty pharmacy program - Navitus Specialty Rx - understands the challenges these members face.

2017 Preferred Specialty Pharmacy

Beginning January 1, 2017, Lumicera Health Services will replace Diplomat as the State Plan's preferred specialty pharmacy.

  • Active employees and non-Medicare eligible Retirees - Your specialty prescriptions will be automatically transferred from Diplomat to Lumicera.
  • Medicare-eligible Retirees - You must call Diplomat and request your specialty prescription be transferred to Lumicera. Medicare regulations prevent us from processing this automatically. 

Lumicera Specialty Pharmacy

Navitus SpecialtyRx partners with Lumicera Health Services to provide specialty pharmacy services at the highest standard of care. You will get one-on-one service with skilled pharmacists. They will answer questions about side effects and give advice to help you stay the course with your treatment. With Navitus SpecialtyRx and Lumicera, delivery of your specialty medications is free, and right to your door or prescriber's office via FedEx. To start using Navitus SpecialtyRx and Lumicera, please call toll-free 855-847-3553

Medicare-eligible Retirees, in order to have your prescriptions transferred to Lumicera, please contact Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy at 877-319-6337.

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