Health Care & Benefits Division

HomeTown MTm

A State of Montana sponsored program available to beneficiaries at no additional charge.  The pharmacists with Hometown MTm are available for all medication related questions, problems, and assistance.

  • Get $0 copay diabetic test strips (as part of the Hometown MTm Diabetes Program)
  • Get reduced copay on some asthma medications and get a $0 copay peak flow meter & holding chamber (as part of the Hometown MTm Asthma Program)
  • Receive a comprehensive medication review of all the medications you take as well as a printed list in the mail (regular-size paper and wallet medication list versions)
  •  Ask a pharmacist questions!  Such as:
    • I just read that turmeric is a good supplement to take, what can you tell me about it?
    • I think one of my medications is causing a dry cough, can you tell me which one?
    • My nose won’t stop running.  Can you recommend an over-the-counter medication for me?

Testimonials from 2021 program patients:

"I have found this program to be very helpful in keeping me working towards good health. I have recommended it to several people because of the info I received and as a good resource if you are having issues. Thank you for all that you do!"

"Through the program I have: *improved my health/health practices *avoided potential medication interactions, and *saved money on medications -- Thank you!"




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