Health Care & Benefits Division

Beginning July 1, 2016
Transparent Pricing
Providers and medical facilities are now either participating or non-participating vs "in-network" and "out-of-network" as they were in the past.

Check Your Provider/Facility Before You Go! or (855) 999-1057

For complete details about State Plan medical coverage, refer to the Wrap Plan Document.

Participating (In and Out-of-State)
Participating providers and facilities have contracted with Allegiance in Montana and Cigna outside of Montana to charge a low, fair rate for your care. 
You will pay the following:

  • Copays (Copays count toward your max out-of-pocket, but not toward your deductible)
    • Montana Health Center - $0 Copay
    • Primary Care Office Visit  - $25 Copay
    • Specialist Office Visit  - $35 Copay
    • Urgent Care Office Visit - $35 Copay
  • Deductible (Counts towards Max Out-of-Pocket) - $1,000 per member per Plan Year 
  • Benefit  % (What the plan pays after you meet your deductible. Counts towards max out-of-pocket.) - 75% after deductible is met, 100% after max out-of-pocket is met
  • Max Out-of-Pocket - $4,000/member $8,000/family

In-State Non-Participating
In-State Non-Participating providers and facilities have chosen not to sign a contract with Allegiance. If you use non-participating facility or provider in Montana, you pay the cost sharing shown above and the State Plan will pay a fair rate for your care, but the non-participating provider may balance bill you for more. You are responsible for this balance bill and it does not count toward your deductible or max out-of-pocket.)

Out-of-State Non-Participating Cost Sharing
If you go out-of-state and use a non-Cigna provider/facility, the cost sharing is as follows for all services unless stated otherwise in the SPD: 

  • Annual Deductible (Counts towards Max Out-of-Pocket) - $1,500 per member per Plan Year (This is separate from the $1,000 deductible above)
  • Benefit % (What the plan pays after you meet your deductible.) Balance bill does not count towards max out-of-pocket. - 65% + balance billing
  • Max Out-of-Pocket - $4,950/member + balance billing, $10,900/family + balance billing (These are separate from annual max out-of-pockets shown above)
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