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Air ambulance transportation is very costly. Most non-participating air transport companies charge 500% - 1500% of what Medicare would allow for the same service.

When medically necessary transportation is scheduled and a patient is transported without utilizing an available participating air transport company, State Plan members are left at the mercy of non-participating air transport companies' exorbitantly billed charges.

State Plan benefits will cover up to an allowed amount that is accepted by participating air transport companies, but patients who utilize a non-participating air transport company are often balance billed any remainder, with many owing $20,000 - $50,000 in charges after the State Plan has reimbursed the provider.

Senate Bill 44 (SB 44)

The Montana Legislature passed Senate Bill 44 which pertains to emergent flights provided by non-participating air ambulance transport companies not controlled by a Montana hospital. Emergency care for SB 44 means care that is necessary to stabilize a patient for transfer to another hospital or medical unit within a hospital. Transferring a patient between hospitals on a fixed wing flight would not typically be considered “emergent” care under SB 44. The bill requires the State Plan to make payment based on billed charges, a negotiated amount, or the participating provider contracted amount. If either party (State Plan or air transport company) does not like the required payment amount, either party can take the other party to dispute resolution. The State Plan pays any emergent transport at 250% Medicare (participating provider amount). In this case a member is held harmless except for their deductible, etc. In the event a member receives a non-emergent transport by a non-participating air ambulance transport company, the member may still be balance billed. Contact Allegiance (855) 999-1057 with any questions about air ambulance transportation coverage or participation air transport companies.

Important information to remember if you find yourself in need of MEDICALLY NECESSARY air ambulance transportation

  2. If you use a participating air ambulance transport, you will only be responsible for your participating deductible and coinsurance, up to the maximum out-of-pocket.
  3. Your hospital or provider won’t necessarily check to make sure the air ambulance transport is participating.
  4. If you use a non-participating transport, you could be left paying tens of thousands of dollars because the non-participating provider may charge over what the plan allows and pays. (Refer to language above regarding SB 44.)
  5. When in doubt, call the number on your Allegiance card (855) 999-1057 for assistance arranging participating air transport. In most situations, there is time to secure a participating transport.

Refer to the below list of participating air ambulance companies.

T>hese companies have agreed to accept the allowed amount determined by Allegiance as payment in full and will not balance bill for charges in excess of the allowed amount.

Allegiance Participating Medical Air Transport Providers

Allegiance Participating Providers Phone Number Fixed Wing Rotary Wing NICU Transfers Based out of
Benefis Healthcare (800) 972-4000 X X X Great Falls, MT
Billings Clinic Hospital (800) 325-1774 X X Billings, MT
Kalispell Regional Healthcare (866) 302-9767 X X X Kalispell, MT
Life Flight Network (800) 232-0911 X X X

Butte, Bozeman & Missoula MT

Montana Medical Transport (406) 442-2190 X Helena, MT
NE Stat Air Ambulance (800) 992-7828 X Glasgow, MT
St. Vincent’s Healthcare (800) 538-4357 X X X Billings, MT
Valley Med Flight, Inc. (800) 828-0168 X Sidney, MT & Williston, ND
American Aerovac Inc. (800) 423-5993 X X Transfer any place in the US
AMR Air Ambulance (800) 424-7060 X X Transfer any place in the US

The State Plan takes its responsibility to protect our members from this financial hardship, and resulting stress, very seriously; which is why we are communicating with our members to inform them that if they have the opportunity, they should always request a participating provider to avoid balance billing.

For questions, please contact Allegiance (855) 999-1057 or

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