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Hometown MTm Asthma Care Program

Does asthma impact you or someone you love covered under the State Plan? With the necessary self-management and training, asthma can be controlled so that it doesn’t interfere with normal daily activities, including exercise.  

The Hometown MTm (short for Medication Therapy Management) Asthma Care Program is a State Plan benefit program designed to help employees and their dependents stay healthier through better management of their medications and health conditions. It is a groundbreaking partnership between the State Plan, Montana Family Pharmacies (a group of 60+ independent community pharmacies), and the University of Montana School of Pharmacy. 

The Asthma Care Program is designed to provide one-on-one time with knowledgeable pharmacists who will document current medical conditions, drug allergies and provide complete medication reviews in an effort to address potential medication related problems or concerns.

To be eligible for this program, you must have asthma, a similar diagnosis, and/or take inhaled prescription medications.  This program is not available for Medicare retirees.

When you enroll in Asthma Care Program, you'll receive:

  • A valved holding chamber
  • A peak flow meter, if needed
  • Smoking cessation information & education
  • Scholarship to Montana's Asthma Camp for children entering 2nd through 9th grade
  • Two one-hour appointments with a Certified Asthma Educator annually
  • Reduced copays on some asthma medication  
  • Manufacturer Copay Assistance advice and enrollment (when appropriate)

To learn more about and enroll in the Hometown Asthma Care Program call (406) 298-4140 option 1 or email

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