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Things can happen on the road. Passports get stolen or lost. Unforseen events or circumstances derail travel plans. Medical problems surface at the most inconvenient times. Travel Assistance can help you navigate these issues and more at any time of the day or night.1 

You and your spouse are covered with Travel Assistance - and so are kids through age 25 - with your group insurance from Standard Insurance Company (The Standard).2

Travel Assistance is available when you travel more than 100 miles from home or internationally for up to 180 days for business or pleasure. It offers aid before and during your trip.

Click here to see a full brochure. Click here for program description.

Travel Assistance through Assist America, Inc. Offers The Following Services:

  • Visa, weather and currency exchange information, health inoculation recommendations, country specific details and security and travel advisories.
  • Credit card and passport replacement and missing baggage and emergency cash coordination.
  • Help replacing prescription medication or lost corrective lenses and advancing funds for hospital admission.
  • Emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility and medically necessary repatriation to the employees home, including repatriation of remains.3 
  • Connection to medical care providers, interpreter services, local attorneys and assistance in coordinating a bail bond. 
  • Return travel companion if travel is disrupted due to emergency transportation services or care of minor children if left unattended due to prolonged hospitalization.
  • Assistance with the return of your personal vehicle if emergency transportation services leave it stranded.
  • Evacuation arrangements in the event of natural disaster, political unrest and social instability. 

1Travel Assistance is provided through an arrangement with Assist America, Inc. and is not affiliated with The Standard. Travel Assistance is subject to the terms and conditions, including exclusions and limitations of the Travel Assistance Program Description. Assist America, Inc. is solely responsible for providing and administering the included service. Travel Assistance is not an insurance product. This service is only available while insured under The Standard’s group policy.
2Spouse and children traveling on business for their employer are not eligible to access these services during those trips.
3Must be arranged by Assist America, Inc.


In the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Bermuda, call 800.872.1414

In other locations worldwide, call 1.609.986.1234

Text 1.609.334.0807

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