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Enrolling in Retiree State Plan Benefits



Eligibility for State Plan Coverage in Retirement

You may continue coverage with the State of Montana Benefit Plan (State Plan) if you are eligible, at the time you leave active State employment, to receive a monthly retirement benefit under the applicable provisions of your retirement system. You may continue coverage with the State Plan if you are on a defined contribution retirement plan, whether or not you draw a monthly benefit, elect the lump sum distribution, or postpone withdrawal of your benefit.


Alternative Coverage Options

Keep in mind, Retirees now have more options than before when it comes to health coverage. The State Plan may not be the best option for everyone. We encourage all Retirees to contact a Certified Insurance Agent to discuss coverage options and check with that person each fall to be sure you have the right coverage for your individual needs.


How to Continue Coverage on the State Plan

Complete the necessary forms (listed below) and return them within 60 days of the date your active service ends along with payment to:

Health Care & Benefits Division
PO Box 200130,
Helena MT 59620-0130

  • Retiree Primary Plan Member Change Form - Complete this form by circling the coverage you wish to continue, the dependents you wish to cover, and your preferred method of payment. Return the Retiree Election Form, and any of the following forms that pertain to you.
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Montana - Non-Medicare eligible Retirees under 65 are required to continue the $14,000 Basic Life Insurance Coverage until age 65 or Medicare eligible. If you are under 65 and not Medicare eligible, the Beneficiary Designation Change Form allows you to update your beneficiaries. If you have more beneficiaries than the form allows, you may add more to the back of the form.
  • Electronic Benefits Payment Deduction Authorization Form - Only fill this form out if you would like to have your monthly payments withheld electronically from your checking or savings account (occurs on the 6th of every month), include a voided check with the completed form.
Your Retiree coverage will begin retroactive to the day your employee coverage ended, as soon as the required forms and payment are received. If you do not complete and return the required forms and submit payment within 60 days of the date your active service ends, your State Plan coverage will be terminated and will not be able to be reinstated.


How to Transfer Coverage to Spouse/Domestic Partner

  • A Retiree may choose to become a dependent of an employed or retired spouse/domestic partner on the State Plan while still keeping their right to return to State Plan coverage under his or her own name at a later date.
  • A Retiree who transfers onto another State Plan member’s coverage does not have to begin a new deductible for the remainder of the Plan Year.
  • If you transfer to your spouse/domestic partner’s coverage and your spouse/domestic partner is an active employee, you may be able to transfer some or all of your Plan C Optional Life Insurance.
  • If you transfer to your retired spouse/domestic partner’s coverage, you lose all life insurance coverage.
  • If your Retiree coverage is reinstated due to termination of your spouse/domestic partner’s employment, death, or divorce, and you are not Medicare eligible, Plan A Basic Life coverage is reinstated.


Contact the Health Care & Benefits Division if any of the above scenarios apply to you.

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