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Workplace Safety
The best safety program is one that minimizes job related injuries and occupational diseases in the workplace. At its core safety is knowledge in action. The Workers' Compensation Management Bureau (WCMB) works to support each State agency in their efforts to provide efficient training, job site analysis, reduction of safety hazards, and injury prevention.

Working Safely
Getting Started-The first step toward keeping yourself and your workplace injury-free is awareness of the safety and loss-prevention tools available to you.

  1. Be aware of your environment and eliminate safety hazards. Participate in safety seminars and programs and learn about keeping yourself, your work environment, and your co-workers free from injury.
  2. Use proper safety equipment and follow recommended safety steps. Ask for assistance with heavy lifting. Don't take short cuts. Hold yourself and each other accountable for safe work practices. Get the right equipment for the job to avoid unnecessary injury. Our major injuries in state government are repetitive motion injuries, slips and falls, lifting related injuries, and injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Take a defensive driver training course and always obey speed limits.
  3. Take safety seriously. A moment of distraction or carelessness is all it takes to cause a lifetime of disability.
  4. Take responsibility individually for keeping yourself safe and observing the safety of others.

Employees who are eligible for health care benefits can also take advantage of the various wellness programs. Check out Live Life Well, the comprehensive wellness program sponsored by Health Care and Benefits Division, Cigna, and CareHere.

Fitness challenges throughout the year, annual health screenings, and programs for weight management, disease management, and tobacco cessation are some of the options available to State of Montana workers aimed at improving overall health and reducing the potential for disability.

For workers' compensation questions contact:
Worker's Compensation Program, Bureau Chief - Lance Zanto, (406) 444-5689
Safety and Loss Control - Stephanie Grover, (406) 444-0122
Return to Work - Matt Chambers, (406) 444-7016
TTY (406) 444-1421

Agency Resources
Various resources and tools are available to state agencies.

Safety newsletters, workshops, posters, incentive programs and articles can help you get out the safety message.

The Dept of Administration, the Dept of Labor, and the State Fund are working together to make sure that workers have access to safety tools to lower the overall number of workplace injuries and occupational diseases.

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