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Employees are our most valued asset, and we all rely on each other to get the job done every day. When a coworker suffers from a work-related injury or occupational disease and is unable to work, we suffer the loss of a friend, lost work production, heavier workloads on fellow employees, and the high cost of insurance that affects operations.

Our Return to Work program helps keep time away from work to a minimum.

As soon as a health care provider releases a person to any level of work ability, we will identify options in work that help an injured worker return to work immediately. This not only relieves the stress in the workplace but, more importantly, it relieves the stress on the injured worker.

Getting injured employees who are released to transitional duty back to work is one of the most important things we can do for injured workers.

Advantage to the state:

  • Maintaining productivity in the workplace
  • Supporting the culture of caring for our employees
  • Providing a safe and timely transition back to work
  • Keeping trained and experienced workers on the job
  • Minimizing workers’ compensation costs

Advantage to the employee:

  • Recovers more quickly
  • Experiences a smoother transition to regular duty
  • Maintains self-esteem in spite of the medical condition
  • Receives a regular paycheck with regular benefits
  • Keeps relationships with co-workers and management

Agencies are sometimes willing to place an injured worker in another agency temporally. The host agency that provides the temporary work receives the benefit of the experience and education of the injured worker without having to pay the worker's wages. The home agency continues to pay their wages.

If you have positions in your agency that can temporally accommodate an injured worker who is released to transitional duty, please call Matthew Chambers at (406) 444-7016.

Agency Resources
This section provides general information about effective and efficient Return to Work (RTW) Program Management.

Agency Toolbox
This section provides tools to assist state agencies in running their Return to Work Programs.

Grab and Go Packet
If your employee is injured on the job, be sure to provide them the Grab and Go Packet.

WCMB suggests that agencies print the forms in this packet and place them in all vehicles. If employees are injured, they will have all the work comp information available.
Some agencies use this information to design their own grab and go kits.

Establishing a Return to Work Program
To receive a copy of the framework for all State agencies for developing and implementing a Return to Work program, contact Matthew Chambers, (406) 444-7016.



  • Local: (406) 444-7462
  • Toll Free: (800) 287-8266

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