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In-person Presentations
Are you looking for a presenter to come talk with your group about wellness, health plan benefits, or other wellness-related topics?  If so, just click here to request a presenter!


Recorded Presentations
Make sure your speakers are turned up for recorded webinars.  PLEASE NOTE: Recorded presentations do not count as a Next Step eligible activity EXCEPT completion of the full 5-presentation Eating Well workshop.  If you are doing the Eating Well workshop for your Live Life Well Incentive, remember that you must self-report this activity. Click HERE for full Live Life Well Incentive information. Please write down the day and time you complete each presentation, and keep with your records in case you are selected for verification. 

Information given in these presentations is intended to be general in nature and must never be considered a substitute for advice provided by your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Please use your discretion when considering the information provided by the presenters and talk to your doctor as needed prior to making any changes. Any links to websites or information presented is provided as a convenience and does not necessarily represent the views of the State of Montana, Department of Administration, or the Health Care & Benefits Division. These webinars often feature feedback from real people and are intended to be used for your personal growth and health improvement. By clicking on the link to view the webinars, you agree to keep any inadvertent reference to real people or events entirely confidential.