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Travel Assistance helps you cope with emergencies when you travel more than 100 miles from home or internationally for trips of up to 180 days. It can also help you with non-emergencies, such as planning your trip.

You do not have to enroll. As a participant in your employer’s Group insurance coverage from Standard Insurance Company, you and your family members are automatically covered.

All services are available 24 hours a day, every day.

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Travel Assistance Offers The Following Services:

  • Pre-trip Assistance including passport, visa, weather and currency exchange information, health hazards advice and inoculation requirements
  • Trip Assistance including emergency ticket, credit card and passport replacement assistance, funds transfer assistance and missing baggage assistance
  • Medical Assistance including locating medical care providers and interpreter services
  • Legal Assistance including locating a local attorney, consular officer or bail bond services
  • Emergency Transportation Services including arranging and paying for emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility and medically-necessary repatriation to your home, including repatriation of remains*
  • Personal Security Services including logistical arrangements for ground transportation, housing and/or evacuation in the event of political unrest, social instability, health or environmental hazards. In more complex situations, assists in making arrangements with providers of specialized security services.

* Emergency Transportation Services must be arranged by FrontierMEDEX. Related medical services, medical supplies and a medical escort are covered where applicable and necessary, as determined by FrontierMEDEX.

Travel Assistance is provided through an arrangement with FrontierMEDEX, Inc., which is not affiliated with The Standard. Travel Assistance is not an insurance product, in all states except Oregon and Washington.


In the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Bermuda, call 800.527.0218.

In other locations worldwide, call +1.410.453.6330 collect.

You can also email operations@frontiermedex.com.