Goals and Objectives

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Goals and Objectives 2019 Biennium
Division Mission:  To administer competitive and comprehensive benefits that provide financial protection for state employees, retirees, and their families in a cost-effective manner.

Goal:    Maintain financial stability of the state employee health benefits fund.
Objective: Manage combined medical and pharmacy costs for active employees and non Medicare retirees at or below national trends.

Goal: Reduce the number of state employee work-related injuries and the associated costs.
Objectives: Reduce the number of injuries through enhanced safety efforts. Increase the Return to Work placements. Develop strategies to address occupational health for state employees.

Goal: Educate, inform, and engage members about their health and benefits.
Objectives: Design strategies to improve and maintain employee health while containing costs. Coordinate events to empower employees to manage their health. Coordinate with our vendors to provide increased employee awareness of healthy behaviors and available health resources. Expand and develop behavioral health/employee assistance program services to employees.

Goal: Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce.
Objectives: Provide and promote professional growth and development opportunities through employee mentoring and meaningful training and continuing professional education. Develop and offer career ladders and provide competitive salaries to recruit and retain experienced, capable staff. Foster a work environment where new ideas are encouraged, and creativity and teamwork are expected.

Goal: Successfully implement those objectives and tasks in the Governor’s Main Street Montana Project that fall within the authority of the division.
Objective: Work with other agencies to achieve department and division projects set forth in the Main Street Montana Project.