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Rollover applies to Medical FSA only. 

Any monies left at the end of the Plan Year are forfeited, except for Medical FSA contributions where a maximum of $500 may be carried over into the next Plan Year, the employee must have a balance of $120 in order to be eligible to carryover any balance. Qualifying expenses the employee incurs late in the Plan Year for which the employee seeks reimbursement after the end of such Plan Year must be paid first before any amount is forfeited. For the Medical FSA, the employee must submit claims no later than 120 days after the end of the Plan Year. 


  • Money left over each Plan Year is held until April 30th (120 days) to pay the previous Plan Year expenses.
  • Any money left over (minimum of $120) after the previous Plan Year expenses are paid will automatically roll over (up to $500).
  • You will be able to access your rollover funds for current Plan Year expenses starting mid-May to early June. 


  • $500 


  • Have at least $120 leftover from the previous Plan Year as of April 30th of the current Plan Year.

See the Wrap Plan Document for more details about flexible spending accounts.

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